Experience a little magic from Macedonia. Take time away from your hectic day and enjoy a relaxing moment with family and friends-enjoy a true gourmet meal prepared with our products and allow food to bring pleasure to your everyday life.

For consumers, EKO-GRUP offers premium organic and gourmet products with a variety of choice and the possibility to shop either at a number of national market chains or on line at their convenience. Our products are tasty, authentic, honest and of high quality. They are produced in sunny Macedonia where tradition and craftsmanship are still the pride of the companies. Our basic idea is to keep the taste of food to that of our childhood-when apples tasted like apples and tomatoes tasted like tomatoes.

We aim to become a "one stop shop" for processed fruit and vegetable products with over 50 products in our range. Our broad range offers not only a large selection of unique high quality organic products that cannot be found from any other supplier but also diversities which meet the needs of each individual. Therefore, we encompass a number of brands and product ranges under our banner. From traditional Macedonian delicatessen Foods, to a range of innovative organic certified Natural Foods.

Our Brands

Green Food is a brand which encompasses most of our product range that is organic certified. The development of the Green Food brand started in 2008. With support from the Macedonian Organic Producers Federation, our first Green Food products were produced in outsourced facilities and marketed on the local market. Today, Green Food is well-established and a discernable brand to our customers for its premium certified organic products.

The organic production in Macedonia and the region is still in its development and many farmers are yet to convert to organic production. Taking a lead role in organic movement, we are committed to support producers who are in transition to organic production. In order to encourage the farmers to follow the right direction and to find a market that offers a fair price for their products in the conversion period, our company purchases raw material in conversion to organic production. All products containing raw material and ingredients which are fully organic are marketed under our Good Food brand. Following our principal clear and correct labeling the Good Food brand does not have any references to organic production.

Fit Food is a brand which encompasses an innovative range of products that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. People have their own needs and through the taste, quality and diversity of our products, we can contribute to their equilibrium and their well-being. We design and develop specific recipes for certain target groups for tailor-made solutions. Beside the excellent taste and the premium quality, we offer health-conscious consumers products which offer additional benefits, promote wellness and contribute to optimal health.

Winter specialties

We prepare the winter specialties out of organic vegetables using traditional Macedonian recipes. Through our traditional processing and gentle craft preparation methods, we are able to preserve the taste of the Macedonian home cuisine. Our winter specialties use only sun-ripened vegetables from Macedonia and are processed harvest-fresh. Their exceptionally high percentage of vegetable content , a valuable product for every gourmet's kitchen.

Tomato products and ready pasta sauces

Owing to the climate, tomatoes in Macedonia are naturally with high percentage of dry matter and contain less water. Whether it is the delicious Domatino range of ready to use sauces, ketchups or pure tomato products, we employ artisan processing and gentle craft preparation methods. All our products are prepared from harvest fresh, handpicked tomatoes and all-natural organic ingredients, containing no low quality tomato puree, artificial colors, preservatives, or thickeners. EKO-GRUP tomato products are characterized by their rich and intense flavor of the sun-ripened tomatoes. Our product provides an exclusive natural taste and contains no added sugar. They are ideal for all tomato applications, namely a basis for tomato sauce or tomato soup, quick pizza or pasta sauce, a long simmered meat sauce or an addition to your favorite fish recipe.

  • Organic Domatino sauce - piquant
  • Organic Domatino sauce - garlic and parsley
  • Organic Domatino sauce - continental spices
  • Organic tomato pulp
  • Organic pealed tomato

Pickled and brined products

We offer a range of sun-ripened and harvest-fresh Pickle Products with magnificent taste and quality. Our range encompass a wide variety of tasty pickles prepared with traditional recipes using just the right amount of seasoning to enhance the flavor of the vegetables. Our pickles products are blanched, delicately processed, matured for several months in salt water, and then packaged. Our pickles, containing no preservatives, and are sulfite-free, which allergy-sufferers will be pleased to know.

  • Organic Eggplant - Traditional Recipe
  • Organic okra
  • Asparagus pickled

Fruit Spreads

Inspired by traditional recipes, quality and good taste, we prepare whole fruit jams and fruit butters. Insisting on only fresh organic fruits and no pectin, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, we've develop a unique way of fruit processing. The fruit is cooked at a low temperature for a specific length of time in order to maintain its richest flavor and bright color.

We have combined the best of the tradition with the best of modern trends in healthy life. Our fruit spreads provide satisfying taste but contain lower calories than regular products. All our products in this pallet are prepared with fruit and grain syrups instead of refined sugar, which contain complex carbohydrates that are metabolized more slowly by the body than refined sugars and are more suitable for Low GI (glycemic index) Diet. Our products are prepared according to traditional recipes, containing 100% premium quality organic and handpicked fruits and have a sweet, intense and authentic fruit flavor.

Mushroom and wild gathered products specialties

In awe of the wondrous beauty, variety, and perfection that nature provides, EKO-GRUP brings you a unique pallet of products made from certified organic wild gathered mushrooms, herbs and berries. All our ingredients are gathered on a sustainable way in ecological areas that are far away from any type of pollution commonly found in big cities and industrial regions. Enjoy this gift of nature prepared in the time-honored way and rediscover their forgotten taste.

  • Organic dried porcini
  • Organic brined porcini
  • Organic brined red pine mushroom

Nectars and natural juices

Our idea of making Nectars and natural juices is to offer healthful products which provide the nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle. Our selection of premium quality nonalcoholic nectars and natural juices are chosen specifically to deliver a wide array of ingredients that is beneficial to one's health and well-being. Our Nectars and natural juices are prepared following traditional recipes, preserving the vitality as well as nutrients of the carefully chosen and hand- picked ingredients. We produce natural fruit juices made from 100% fresh fruits. Our Nectars and natural fruit juices have a unique and authentic fruit flavor and the natural sweet taste of fruit. We don't use any refined sugar, fruit concentrates, flavorings, colors, preservatives or juice bases. Our fruit nectars are thicker, naturally sweet, and have been formulated to be delicious either being drunk alone or diluted with water. The sediment in the beverages is a sign of naturalness. For this reason, we recommend the bottle to be shaken well before consumption.

  • Organic grapes nectar

Sweet preserves and confitures

EKO-GRUP preserves are made with whole or large pieces of only the highest-quality fruit – in a wide variety of scrumptious flavors. Our preserves are prepared in accordance with the traditional Macedonian recipes. In the modern way of living, it is a rare luxury to have sweet preserves and confitures prepared in such delicate and time-consuming ways. Each small batch is slowly cooked in open kettles, for handcrafted quality you can taste. It is a real treat to be used in a traditional Macedonian way as a handy alternative to welcome your guests with a taste of this sweet treasure.

  • Fig and Almond Preserve
  • Kiwi Preserve

Sweeteners and syrups

Our sweeteners provide alternatives to consuming refined sugar (saccharose), honey or artificial sweeteners. We offer a range of sweeteners that can be used in everyday life when consuming or preparing pastries, snacks, desserts, spreads, jams, ice-creams, drinks, and etc. We offer syrups produced from fruits or from wheat, corn, rice and barley. Some of them, due to their deep dark colors, are sometimes used as a natural coloring in lots of recipes.

  • Organic grape honey - Madzun
  • Organic rice syrup
  • Organic wheat syrup
  • Organic rice powder
  • Organic Stevia powder and whole leafs

Honey and bee products

Our certified organic bee products are produced by certified organic beehives. These beehives are located in remote rural regions of Macedonia, away from any source of pollution. Organic bee keepers do not feed sugar to the bees and use no antibiotics or artificial inputs. EKO-GRUP premium organic honey is a unique specialty that not only is tasty but also safe. Moreover, it helps keep our planet healthy. The incredible diversity of flora in Macedonia allows the bees to forage nectar and pollen from numerous native trees and medicinal and aromatic plants to make pure honey and other bee products. Our honey with such an exquisite aroma, thick consistency and unique rich flavor and incredible color is no doubt the result of a natural interplay of all factors in beekeeping.

  • Organic Mixed Flora Valley Honey
  • Organic Mixed Flora Forest Honey
  • Queen Jelly
  • Propolis

Organic vinegars

EKO-GRUP premium organic vinegars are made from the juice of organically grown fruits. We produce our own finest quality vinegar from our own cider. We use a process of aerating the fermenting cider in order to ensure a clean fermentation and a quality result with the goodness and the flavors of the vinegar being optimized. Vinegar is attributed with many qualities beneficial to health. EKO-GRUP organic vinegars is not only a really healthy addition to one's diet, it is an extremely useful product in the kitchen, used to add interest and flavor in the preparation of different dishes. Use it to add extra flavor and goodness to salad dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, marinades, pickles stir-fries, spreads and dips. Made from whole organic fruits, EKO-GRUP vinegars is raw, natural, undiluted and contain no preservatives and no synthetic acids.

  • Organic grape vinegar
  • Organic apple vinegar

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We offer an innovative range of quality products, which constantly set new standards in the food market.

High quality raw materials are essential for a natural taste and quality product. Our products are manufactured from high quality sun ripened produce that are handpicked and processed within the shortest possible time. To assure the freshness of the produce, all our supplier farms are located 20 to 90 km from our processing facility.

Innovation, productivity and quality are our strengths. We develop our products by ourselves; we produce raw materials or purchase them from local suppliers who share our values. This way, we are certain and confident knowing all working procedures and quality control stay under one roof.

The persons employed in our daily agricultural and processing activities are locals and mostly women. It makes us proud to support the local community by opening new job opportunities and to contribute to the development in long-neglected rural regions.

With growth in the market for organic food, the demand for transparency and authenticity in relation to origin and quality standards increase. We are pleased to provide information about our agricultural and processing activities and are always ready to show visitors around and answer questions. Visitors are welcomed to see the production of our organic foods. To schedule a visit please contact us.

Agricultural activities

Macedonian fruits and vegetables are well known and reputed for their high quality, owning to the unique climatic conditions, low input farming and the abundance of sunny days. Therefore, we work towards direction of establishing a supply of high quality locally grown raw materials for our production. To ensure sufficient quantities of organic raw materials needed for our processing, EKO-GRUP manages its own vegetable production near Marena village between the towns of Kavadarci and Negotino in central Macedonia. Beside our own production, EKO-GRUP works closely with a number of enthusiastic farmers in obtaining the most suitable produce. Our supply network includes farmers across Macedonia who supply organically grown products.

Whether organic agriculture of our own or by our suppliers, we try to foster modern organic agricultural techniques, whilst also incorporate local traditional methods. In this way we combine the benefits of modern organic agriculture, sound environmental practice whilst also retain the wisdom and stability of the past.

We always keep honest relationship with our farmers and promote fair and transparent approaches while trying to improve their performance by :

  • Depending on the quality of the raw materials, we pay an organic bonus of 8-12%. The bonus reimburses the farmers for the additional expenditure associated with organic cultivation and makes it easier for the farmers to live off small-scale farming.
  • Our staff hold regular on-site meetings with the farmers in order to discuss problems and seek solutions.
  • During the winter season, we organize training sessions in organic farming techniques.

Processing Activities

Driven by the challenge to process and refine high-quality primary products in such a way that the natural character, quality and expression are kept, Eko-Grup chose Kavadarci, the well-known viticulture region of Tikves in central Macedonia, for our processing facility. Our processing facility applies modern food safety and quality management standards as well as strict measures to implement our policy of minimizing impact to the environment. Additionally, we rely on traditional processing and gentle craft preparation methods, which are transferred to the entire production process. Therefore, we focus on small production series and work with flexible equipment.

EKO GRUP quality

- Commitment to quality.

The control and the continuous improvement of our production quality is our highest priority. Each product is made with passion and heartfelt devotion to quality and tradition. The superior quality of our foods is made possible by our unique traditional small-scale production.

- Passion for taste, health and the environment

The three fundamental elements that make our products special are: Preserving traditions, respecting environment and being passionate about quality food. We set quality standards that go well beyond the legal requirements. These quality standards are achieved by carefully processing high quality raw materials from organic farming into flavorful, artisanal foods.

- The BNN orientation values

We comply with the requirements of the BNN orientation values for synthetic chemical pesticides, Pesticides, and Preservatives All our ingredients and processing aids are declared individually by standards and expectation that reach far beyond the legal requirements.

Guiding Principles for our production

  • Our products exemplify the highest quality standards.
  • Our brands mean exclusive, natural product.
  • Our products guaranty that fair prices have been paid to our suppliers.
  • We don’t use flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate, artificial flavors, preservatives, colorants synthetic nutrients and emulsifier.
  • We only use processing aids which are approved for use in organic processing.
  • All our products are GMO-free.
  • All our products are produced according to international food safety standards.
  • We practice careful use of sweetener. We dispense refined sugar, and sweeten our products only with honey, dried fruit, herbs or syrups from grains or fruit such as rice, weed, barley or grape syrups.
  • The use of non-organic ingredients is limited only to small number of products which are clearly labeled by a different brand and not offered as organic.

Product Development

EKO-GRUP continuously invests in developing new products and in improving recipes in order to meet the expectations of discerning customers. Therefore, product development, by definition, can be initiated by our customers. This is one of the most important aspects of our company. Our devotion to innovation and developments enable us to introduce new and surprising products into the market and, furthermore, to extend our product range.

The recipes for our products are balanced, wholesome and natural. Each commodity is considered individually and then tested sensory and analytical. Based on our experience, we have adopted stringent requirements in the commodity specifications go beyond the regulations.

EKO-GRUP products are developed and produced with care and with respect for the environment. Our labels also resonate. We position information for recycling and waste disposal on the front product label.

Private Label

Success in the food industry only comes by meeting customers' special needs. Retailers have extended the concept of private label to identify a brand with a store, a concept known as the store brand. We recognize the retailers need to differentiate their offer of high quality products from competitors' products, and provide consumers with an alternative to other brands.

For the export partners, we can provide private labeling of our products. We consider the trust in private labeling our products a privilege and acknowledgement of our ability to offer premium quality products. We guarantee all private labeling products to be produced and controlled with the same care and attention for our own brands.

About Us

Founded in 2006, EKO-GRUP started out as a company providing consulting services in the areas of agriculture, food production, food safety, rural development and environment protection. In 2009, we decided to further extend our knowledge, reputation for reliability, efficiency and a commitment to ethics to food processing operation and organic farming operation and becoming a regional leader and a pioneer of the organic movement.

Both our services and products characterize a business model of continuous and consistent social and environmental commitment. Instead of trying to avert from any social and environmental responsibilities of a corporation, EKO-GRUP sees the importance of them. We have been in the persistent pursuit of offering the best, promoting environmental sustainability and supporting regional development.

Company Philosophy

Sustainable production can only be conducted in harmony with the environment and not by working against it! Therefore, our dedication is to the production of premium organic food products, which supports development of organic agriculture and thus contributes to the preservation of the natural environment for today's and future generations. Our activities take all ecological, economic and social issues into constant consideration.

The same philosophy is also further proven by the binomial Tradition - Innovation.
Tradition: the insistence of keeping Macedonian heritage motivates the company to produce foodstuffs which are part of our traditional cuisine.
Innovation: our enthusiasm for investing in research and development leads to new products and production methods which enable us to offer possibilities for the best quality-price ratio.

Corporate values

We take care of our staff. EKO-GRUP is a place where employees enjoy working. We treat each other fairly and respectfully. Good employee morale and long-term staff membership are both important for the company. In spite of the company's high expectation and demand for staff's performance, our employees are always supported, encouraged, and fairly compensated. Through participation in our profit sharing system, our employees become co-entrepreneurs in our company. Also, we conduct our business with integrity and honesty. Even raw material suppliers are offered fair partnership, which reflects our overall consideration the social and economic conditions in their regions.

We value our customers and respect their requirements, suggestions and criticism. Their needs guide our actions. We offer our customers and consumers the best service and top product quality at a best possible quality-price ratio.

We actively protect the environment through our actions. In our decisions we consider the protection of natural resources and the climate as well as the preservation of biodiversity. Our application of environmentally friendly production technologies minimizes energy consumption. Furthermore, by careful selection and usage of raw material as well as all other elements involved in the production and distribution process, our production as a local activity contributes to a global acknowledgment of respect for the environment.

We are highly aware of the significance of environmental protection and of the need for social commitment. We believe that organic cultivation is the most important foundation for a sustainable economic future and an essential contribution for securing the future food resources. By producing and offering organic products with high quality at fair prices and by promoting organic farming as well as ecologic lifestyle, we improve the public's health and thus improve their well-being which is a prerequisite for positive energy, joy, creativity and therefore forms the best platform for a positive lifestyle.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a regional leader in producing premium quality organic products offering a wide range of organic products in every product category we operate.


By employing sustainable approaches, innovation, productivity and efficiency our mission is to produce and market premium quality organic products and promote organic production, good health and ecologic lifestyle.

Our Certificates

We operate based on the understanding that food quality and safety are the priority in the production and distribution. Therefore we regularly achieve certification according to:

Consulting Services

Although we are a relatively young company founded in 2006 our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive high quality, effective and professional services.

Exceptional functionality, flexibility and technical expertise coupled with extensive experience and knowledge makes EKO-GRUP the ideal choice for a consulting firm to manage the implementation any of our broad service offer.

EKO-GRUP provides permanent support to all sectors of agribusiness.

- Development & audit of agriculture production systems including G.A.P., GLOBAL G.A.P. and Organic production
- Support to organization, restructuring and business planning of agriculture undertakings
- Entire farm, animal and crop production management
- Resource management and optimization
- Support and development of producers organizations and association

Food industry

- Development & audit of food safety systems including HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000
- New product development
- Market analysis and research
- Marketing strategy and market approach
- Support and development of industry and subsector association
- Vertical linkages and supply management

Environmental management

- Environmental planning and the implementation of standardized environmental management including ISO 14001:2004
- development & audit, health & safety assessments, plans and procedures OHSAS 18001:2008
- Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)
- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
- Profitable environmental management
- Energy efficient management including ISO 50001:2011
- Waste and wastewater management
- Environmental monitoring
- Natural resources management and biodiversity conservation and environmental database development
- Preparation LEAPs in municipalities, as well as trainings on environmental management & legislation

Supply of agriculture biomaterials

Following its general strategy of offering high quality, promoting environmental sustainability and supporting regional development, EKO-GRUP supplies an innovative, high quality and environment friendly plant production biomaterials.

EKO-GRUP as an authorized distributor for several products suitable for use in organic agriculture including plant protection products, biological fertilizer, soil improver and plant strengtheners.





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